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At Hitchin Dental we take a preventive approach to dental care and we encourage parents to bring young children in for regular check-ups. This way we can help keep their growing teeth healthy by early detection of any tooth decay. This also lessens the chance of youngsters developing a fear of the dentist in the future, which means they’ll have happy and healthy teeth for longer. 

We pride ourselves in managing children who are anxious, have behavioural problems or special needs. We may recommend a fluoride application to strengthen enamel and shield tooth surfaces from decay.

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We offer diagnostic and treatment services for all aspects of oral health for children and young adults. We can provide treatment for many dental issues in children and teens including private orthodontic assessments.

Our clinicians have experience in managing dental trauma and effectively restoring damaged anterior teeth using paediatric endodontics. We routinely provide care for children with medical problems, including those with developmental anomalies such as hypoplastic teeth and hypodontia.

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No-obligation smile consultations

At Hitchin Dental we work in partnership with our clients to help them achieve optimal aesthetic results. If you would like to explore options to help you achieve a straighter or more attractive smile, we offer free Smile Consultations with one of our dental experts. At this no-obligation consultation we will advise you of possible treatment options and refer you to the best clinician for your needs. You can enquire directly about a free Invisalign consultation by filling in your details on the online form located on the Invisalign page.