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Same day crowns

A crown is a dental restoration used to fix broken teeth, or those weakened by decay or a large filling. A white crown is a popular solution if you want to improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile.

After Root Canal Therapy you will need a crown to cap the restored tooth, allowing you full natural functionality. We are proud to offer CEREC same day crowns which means you get the results you want fast…

Missing teeth Hitchin

If you require a more extensive restoration than a crown, or have more than one tooth that needs to be repaired, a good solution is a dental bridge. Bridges are usually made of a precious metal base which gives them a solid structure and makes them hard-wearing. 

Once you have a bridge fitted, you will have to take extra care of your daily hygiene regime to ensure it stays plaque free and that you can prevent bad breath…

Dental implants hitchin

Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, bridges and dentures are not the only solution for missing teeth. Many people now choose dental implant surgery where small metal screws are placed in the jaw so that crowns, bridges and dentures can be fixed onto them.

Implant dentistry offers a clinically proven and safe solution to getting back a great smile and being able to bite and chew with confidence…

Dentures Hitchin


If you have a few or all of your teeth missing, one common solution is to have a partial or full denture. Your denture will be made to fit snugly on your gums and you will be able to remove it for cleaning.

It is important that you take extra care in your hygiene regime so that you can avoid bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. Our dental hygienists will be happy to advise you on appropriate cleaning techniques…

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No-obligation smile consultations

At Hitchin Dental we work in partnership with our clients to help them achieve optimal aesthetic results. If you would like to explore options to help you achieve a straighter or more attractive smile, we offer free Smile Consultations with one of our dental experts. At this no-obligation consultation we will advise you of possible treatment options and refer you to the best clinician for your needs. You can enquire directly about a free Invisalign consultation by filling in your details on the online form located on the Invisalign page.